Potato, Romano, Bacon Perogies


Weight 12.00 lbs

Potato, Romano, Bacon Perogies

Frozen | 2 x 6 lbs | 12 lbs

Locally sourced! 180 perfect perogies! Boil for 6 minutes and serve with your favourite toppings.

Bestseller! You can not go wrong with these perogies! They are an economical snack or meal and are often your teen's first choice before game time! 

Brought to your family from a local family that has been making perogies since 1972 with Alberta potatoes, wheat and canola oil - can't get fresher ingredients.

These are filled with a delicious mix of potato, bacon and romano cheese!

Made in Edmonton from a family recipe: Heritage foods.

Approximately 180 perogies. 12 lbs in 2 separate bags.

TF product code 800.009

Profit margin: 25.00%