Pizza Perogies


Weight 12.00 lbs

Pizza Perogies

Frozen | 2 x 6 lbs | 12 lbs

Locally sourced! 180 perogies in all: value!

Make your kids and teens happy while supporting a local family business!  A fun twist on the traditional perogy that easy to cook and eat for busy nights. Starting with Alberta Potatoes, Wheat and Canola oil (can you get any fresher?) these vegetarian perogies filled with a blend of savory pizza sauce, fresh Canadian mozzarella and whipped potato!  

If you have time, google the Walter Makowecki story and the start of his family business in 1972, as well as their inspiring Alberta story of expansion and supporting our farmers.

Approximately 180 perogies. 12 lbs in 2 separate bags

PC: 800.008

TF product code 800.008

Profit margin: 25.00%