All Natural Chicken Breasts


Weight 9.00 lbs

All Natural Chicken Breasts

Frozen | 2 packs | 28 x 4-5 oz | 9 lbs

Locally Sourced!

Top Seller year after year! Alberta Raised, Grain Fed and Free Run Chickens. 

High-quality All Natural Chicken Breasts. Skinless and Boneless, these are versatile!  Ideal for BBQ grilling, Baking, Broiling or Frying up. 

You can make your favourite chicken fajitas, chicken burgers, added on your salad, make chicken brochettes, chicken parm...there are so many things you can do with this protein, and quality is key.

You get 26-28 breasts that are around 5 ounces each.

With 22% protein, these no-pump chicken breasts are a healthy addition to a delicious meal.  Easy portions of two breasts are vacuum packed, guaranteeing freshness.  

Hormone-Free and/or Steroid-Free! Simply grain-fed free run chickens from the Edmonton area.   No soy, no pump means no seasoning, unlike what you normally get at the grocery store.  

Our best seller for over 3 years. 

TF product code 800.001

Profit margin: 20.00%