36 Fresh GF All Beef Burgers


Weight 13.50 lbs

36 Fresh GF All Beef Burgers

Fresh | 4X170G/Unit, 9 Units/Case | 13.5 lbs

Locally sourced and on the most purchased item list!

A TeamFund favourite! You get 36 six ounces Gluten-Free Burger patties that contain only what you need for a great burger – Beef!! 

No fillers or binders, just 100% Alberta Ground Beef. These are juicy, bursting with flavour and perfect for a mid-week diner to BBQ with your loved ones.

Fresh and made for your order on demand. Each burger is 6 ounces portioned by 4, then vacuum sealed to guarantee freshness. Ideal for a family gathering or BBQ with friends! 

We like to BBQ them with some steak spices. 

TF product code 800.005

Profit margin: 20.00%