16 Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Steaks


Weight 4.50 lbs

16 Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Steaks

Frozen | 18 x 4 oz | 4.5 lbs

100% Alberta Beef so you can treat yourself or wow your guests. This hot seller is back on the menu after not being available for a while due to Covid.

What could make a steak better?.. Wrap it in bacon! These 4 oz juicy Bacon Wrapped Tenderloins are the perfect steak for every gathering!  Ideal on the BBQ, or we like to cook them on the cast iron with some rock salt and then finish them off in the oven for a few minutes.

They are in high demand as they are tender, bursting with flavour and simply delicious.

Format: 2 Steaks vacuumed sealed for guaranteed freshness—16 steaks in total. 


TF product code 800.038

Profit margin: 20.00%

$130.00 $125.00